ECNAIS Debate Event:
Promoting democracy and civic engagement through student debates


Debate matters, particularly when polarization, antagonism, and confrontation undermine democracy and social well-being. School debate is a well-known educational tool that enables students’ empathy, critical thinking, and creative thinking.

It is also an opportunity for adolescents to find and use their voice, thus empowering their active citizenship and ability to contribute towards democracy and tolerance.


To promote debate opportunities for upper secondary students in European countries.

To learn together about the potential of debate as an educational tool.

To implement a European debate event with upper secondary students.


Schools receive information about the event through ECNAIS members.

The initiative provides resources to support schools and teachers: helpdesk, common rulebook, debate resources.

It also provides training for teachers (online or face-to-face training) between March and December of 2022, free of charge.

ECNAIS members select one team per country to participate in the European event.


- January to March - Presentation of the project
- March to December - Training (online or face-to-face training)
- Local events

- January to February – Presentation of students’ teams by ECNAIS national members.
- April - European debate event

Sharing good practices

What we do may inspire others.

Please feel free to share news, information, photographs of local events, rulebooks, ideas, and other resources that may inspire other schools or teachers.




To promote debate as an educational tool for the development of students` empathy, critical thinking, and creative thinking. To empower students as active citizens, thus contributing to democracy and tolerance.”



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