To Become a Member

The objectives for which ECNAIS is established are strictly non-political. They are to further the interests of all kinds of independent education, whatever the religious, philosophical and pedagogical principles on which such education is founded, provided such principles conform to those set out in the Universal Declarations of Human Rights.

Who can be a member?

Any National Association of Independent Schools whose statutes accord with ECNAIS statutes, whether subsidized or not by state funds and are not property of or run by public authorities.

Where to apply?

Write an application addressed to ECNAIS Chairman providing an English translation of the statutes of the association, its object and aims (ensuring the compliance with the Universal Declarations of the Human Rights). Please fill in the form.

The application will be analyzed by the Executive Committee and, if in accordance, will be voted at the following General Assembly.

Annual Fee

Every year the Annual General Meeting agrees on the financial contributions of the member Associations.

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