Lisbon, Portugal | 19 - 21 April 2023

Lisbon, Portugal | 19 - 21 April 2023

A well-functioning sector of independent education is one of the pillars of an empowered civil society. And an empowered civil society is a cornerstone of democracy.

Because independent schools are value based organizations, it is the parents` right to choose the school with which they most identify themselves.

But whatever the specific values that each independent school decides to focus, there are fundamental educational aims shared by all independent schools in Europe. Two of them are: the promotion of democracy within our societies and the education of our students for civil engagement. Therefore, the 2023 ECNAIS conference focusses how we, as educators, are able to better achieve these aims.

But the 2023 ECNAIS Conference is very special for an additional reason: we will host the first ECNAIS Debate Event ( In partnership with DDI - Stichting Nederlands Debat Instituut and with support from Porticus, we have trained teachers all over Europe, students have debated at their schools and at the national level and now 11 teams from 11 countries will debate in Lisbon during the Conference.

A visit to independent schools in Lisbon will be part of the program.

We hope this Conference inspires participants and hels them reflect on the opportunities within their national contexts to improve what we do and to show the importance of independent education for societal wellbeing.


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The Conference will take place at:

Hotel Holiday Inn Lisboa | Av. António José Almeida, 28 A; 1000-044, Lisbon, Portugal