Budapest, Hungary | 15-17 November 2023

Budapest, Hungary | 15-17 November 2023

On November 15th to 17th we will have our ECNAIS seminar in Budapest, with the theme “School leadership and school management across Europe - identfying good practices and specialities of private schools”. This Seminar will be organized in cooperation with our Hungarian member of ECNAIS, AME - Association of Hungarian Independent Schools.

In this Seminar, we would like to explore the theme and identify good practices to be shared as below:

- the skill set of private school leaders in each country (what is required by law, who sets the expectations)

- in each country, who decides on the appointment of the head, for how long, how long the head can remain in the position

- typical career paths leading to the status of head master of institution (extra: what career paths are available after the status of head master)

- how the management team is structured in each country (single-person management vs. management team)

- whether there are differences between private and public institutions regarding the management of the institution, and/or the person of the head of the institution

- the system of training to support the work of managers in each country

By the end of the conference, we would also like to see if there are any cross-national similarities and specificities in the field of school management in private schools.

The program of the event will be available as soon as possible.

A visit to independent schools in Budapest will be part of the seminar program.

The General Meeting of ECNAIS, open for official ECNAIS members only, will be on Wednesday afternoon, 15th November.