On April 17th to 19th we will have our ECNAIS Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the theme Building and maintaining identity in educational organizations in a rapidly changing World.  Student contribution focus: Students as a driving force of educational identity.

This Conference will be organized in cooperation with our Bulgarian member of ECNAIS, BAPS - Bulgarian Association of Private Schools.


We all live in a rapidly transforming post Covid world, a world with dynamic political and economic landscape where conflicts and uncertainty create a lot of tension. Living in times of digital, green and social transition, we might all feel confusion, lose focus and identity, while creating our new face, strategies, and values. This social landscape is both a challenge and an open opportunity for students, adults, organizations, and authorities at all levels of global, European, and national policy making and leadership.

 Essential HOW TO questions are:

  •  Build Identity and Integrity in independent educational organizations (who are we, what distinguishes us, what are our strength, how we meet in our unique way the need of our students, parents, teachers, leaders; how we add value to the society and how the move forward together)
  •  Turn challenges into possibilities (what is the potential of the independent educational institutions to become a game-changers, riding the wave of the transitions)
  •  Inspire togetherness and motivation, involving all stake holders for obtaining qualityand vivid independent education, adequate for the upcoming years.


Student participation

Students are welcome to the Conference [1]                                                                                       We envisage a strong student contribution. Each country may bring up to 5 students and one accompanying teacher. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a specially organized discussion forum, expressing and role playing the views of different stakeholders in education. Students and their accompanying teachers will have the opportunity to meet at an online preparation meeting in second half of March.



The registration platform is open

Conference Venue

The Conference will take place in Metropolitan Hotel Sofia, a member of Radisson Individuals; 64, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria (Radisson-Metropolitan-Sofia), on 17-19 April 2024.

The Annual General Meeting of ECNAIS, open for official ECNAIS members only, will be on Wednesday afternoon, 17th April.

[1] Unlike the 2023 Conference, we do not have financial support for student participation. A special fee will be established but all costs must be supported by the students/schools/parents.